Greetings master, I am Servant! servantHighfiveL servantHighfiveR
I will help you to moderate, organize and entertain your Discord server.

I am fully customizable. Any command, command category or feature can be turned on or off. You can find a detailed documentation in the Help section. Alternatively, you can join my support server and just ask your questions there.

A few highlights of what I can do! ๐Ÿ‘‡

Custom commands
Role management
Create your own embed messages
Leveling System
Livestream management
Voice channel organisation
Advanced audit log
Media-only channels without conversations
Remind Me's
Event organisation
Fun, Interaction & Random
Flip users
Toss a coin (to your servant~)
Steal avatars
Have a custom profile
Earn achievements
Share cookies to your friends (or slap 'em รฒ.รณ)
Get random pictures of animals or pika pika